Since Shilpi’s inception, we have shared our growth journey with several skilled executors and thinkers. Our current team of over thirty professionals works side by side the company’s directors, designers, and engineers, each bringing us closer to our vision of excellence.

Our team of designers and project managers are trained by Mr. Khatri to lead and execute client projects abiding by the company’s work policy. These trained professionals help us achieve our goals on time with excellent results.

Our design professionals come from design-influenced backgrounds, each highly proficient in their field. Along with our competent project managers and other task force members, they provide the best and most efficient services to our respected clientele.

Our team consists of individuals who are committed to their passion, and this is portrayed in their performance. We believe that it’s the ease of working with the members of our task force that brings clients back to us for more projects.

Apart from our emphasis on self-reliance portrayed in the execution of our work, we believe in empowering every member of our team by displaying a sense of respect for every profession.