Ar. Deepak Puri
Architects & Interior Designers

Once a designer has worked with Shilpi Designers, it is near impossible to work with other Interior Vendors. The smallest detail is adhered to, and if the output can be better with some changes, they will leave no stone unturned to satisfy the Designers craving for the perfect outcome.

We have over the years worked with them on Retail projects like Raymond, Titan, Jade Blue, Furla etc. to name a few, along with a host of residential and corporate office projects like Nike etc.

After being associated for more than a decade, they can pre-empt our requirements and have saved us a lot of time, money and efforts. Their efforts translate into a having projects completed ahead of time, if not in time, and have saved the clients lot of money and time. The indirect opportunity costs that ail the Retail Sector, have never affected any project that Shilpi Designers has associated with us on.

On the Residential works, their effort in product and material selection has been exemplary. They take the time to listen to the client requirements and cater to the finest and smallest requirements. Have to mention that they take care of all finishes down to the last coat hook and picture nail.

Hats off to Shilpi Designers and we wish them the very best. We hope our association continues for a very long time and remains as problem free as it has over the years.


Amit Aurora
Partner, DCA Architects 

A good balance of Understanding Design and Business Acumen.

I met Mr. Bhavin Khatri of Shilpi Designer in 2014, and now having worked with him for over 3 years, I have a more personal relationship with him. Having seen him build his core competencies as a Interior contractor, I can say with no hesitation that he is one of the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

As a trained designer, his projects are executed with an acute attention to detail and aesthetic, which is further honed by his Gujarati business acumen. He is extremely organized with his craft, and it is an immense pleasure to work with him and his well trained team.

With a youthful zeal for his profession, his ability to manage sites across India and to deliver the best is outstanding.

I would like to wish Mr. Bhavin Khatri and Shilpi Designer a great future.