Recreating spaces with multi-dimensional design and planning solutions

Noticing the gap in the interior designing and planning industry, our founder, Mr. Bhavin Khatri, established Shilpi in 2003. Being already established as an interior contractor, Mr. Khatri’s dream was to establish a complete interior solution firm that could reach international design standards in the interior designing industry.

At Shilpi, we believe in building environments that not only appeal to our clients, but are symbols of aesthetic design and high functionality. To achieve this, we use our design expertise along with the best of our human resources.

Starting out as a small firm in 2003, Shilpi has now grown to a 31-member team, each of whom has contributed to the firm’s growth to make it a trusted and competent turnkey solutions contracting firm in India. Our success can be measured today with a warehouse, and two offices in Mumbai, along with our trusted task force.

Since the firm’s establishment, we have helped put together retail, commercial, and residential spaces for our clients, many of them being leading brands in their industry. Our efficient and honest work policy combined with our down-to-earth team of professionals has led to several of our clients doing repeated business with us.

At Shilpi, we are committed to doing what we do best - execution, and to use only the latest advanced technology to execute our sophisticated plans. Not only does this help us provide our clients with precise results, but also enables us to exceed our own expectations.

As a multi-dimensional turnkey solutionscontracting firm, we are always striving to dream, design, and deliver projects that go beyond time, thus helping us in our vision of becoming a key player in the industry.